Eureka Butcher
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The Eureka Butcher has moved!!!
Visit us at
Terror Cave
click here
509 Route 66 Business Parkway
Pacific, MO 63069

Eureka Butcher is on the move!  St. Louis’ Largest All indoor haunted house with over 30,000 sq ft of terror is expanding!

New for 2011 visit us at the Terror Cave!!!!
Deep in the caves of Pacific you will find 50,000 square feet of extreme horror.  This is not a basement like the others decorate to look like a cavern , it's a real cave deep below the ground.  
Enter if you dare

Exit if you can.

Tired of overpriced museum type haunted houses? Ready for a real adrenaline rush?

The Terror Cave is a natural scary venue and delivers the best scare experience in town!
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